Smart Men Finally Admit They Prefer Dumb Women

No one has standards for the dumb one. No one expects anything from her. No one thinks she can do anything correctly, so when she does, everyone is impressed. Because of the label, she never gets compared to anything. So much confidence. She still thinks she can be an astronaut and go to space even though she majored in English and is almost And she has no sense of reality, but at the same time, she has concrete goals—such as becoming a doctor in the future. She probably is a master at solving variable equations now. Slow and steady wins the race!


Did you ever wonder why so many smart girls end up with dumb guys? Many people do. Just like with any other personality trait, there are perks and pitfalls to being with someone who isn’t quite as bright as you. Here’s some dating advice and insight into why some girls like dating dumb guys, and why most girls are wise to stay away from them.

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Now available by the chapter, Wright takes us on a journey from single girl to married woman with all the baggage she picked up along the way included. Read about how she developed ideas about sex and marriage watching her parents and basically self-destructed her first teenage love affair with a teenage pregnancy.

This book is a gasp and hold your breath Reality TV-type of read. Accomplished, successful and inspirational are usually more common. But not when it comes to men. She is unable to resist the charm and allure of bad boys even when she sees them for what they are. She has her whole life figured out except for this one piece, who to love. So focused on success in her career, Wright misses that her love life is actually only a sex life. Her relationships begin with passion and romance and change to drama and pain long before she makes her way out of them.

Sometimes bad relationships feel good.

“My Girlfriend is a Little Dumb. Should I Break Up With Her?”

Girls feel the need to play down their intelligence to not intimidate boys, concludes research by a sociologist who spent three months amongst a class of school children. The research, conducted by Dr Maria do Mar Pereira from the University of Warwick’s Department of Sociology, found that boys aged 14 had acquired the belief that girls their age should be less intelligent. One of the pressures is that young men must be more dominant -cleverer, stronger, taller, funnier — than young women, and that being in a relationship with a woman who is more intelligent will undermine their masculinity.

To conduct the research Dr Pereira spent, with permission of the school and relevant authorities, three months as a student in a Year Eight class observing the everyday lives of school children. In order to gain as much insight as possible, she participated in all aspects of their day at school: she attended classes, did PE lessons, took exams, had lunch in the cafeteria, played in the playground and joined them in trips to shopping centres after school.

When men play dumb, it’s not always as stupid, avoidant, or manipulatie as it seems, psychologists say. Sometimes men are trying to seem.

Between The Lines. Torrent Pharma. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. The latest research everyone’s talking about girl that while younger say they would rather date brains over beauty, five younger, younger is the opposite. Getty Images. Because your ego can’t handle a woman smarter than you are. Your ego is stupid.

A Hedge Funder Explains Why Smart Men Date Dumb Women

Top definition. Dumb Bitch Syndrome. Acts without thinking and then later rationalizes her behavior based completely on her emotions. Thinks it’s ok to act bitchy or psycho just because she’s on her period. Uses sex as a form of currency. Says one thing to your face ; then another to everyone else aka.

Here’s an example of her being a little dumb: She’ll say something like, If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can.

Her name was Emma. She was also 19, with an irresistible English accent and very cute to boot. I was pretty sure that I was going to marry her. Except that she dumped me, pulverizing my heart into nanoparticles. It was the only time in my life that I got depressed: poor sleep, suppressed appetite, Kafka. It kinda sucked. The next kiss didn’t come for another 4 years, when I was in medical school. That’s also when my career as a professional virgin came to an end.

To understate things, I was a late bloomer in the realm of romance. I wasn’t stupid or ugly. No hermit, either – knew most people on campus.

For Online Daters, Women Peak at 18 While Men Peak at 50, Study Finds. Oy.

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Do Men Find Dumb-Looking Women More Attractive? A new study Having said that, the studies to date are also far from perfect. There’s the.

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Significant others can indeed be a blessing, making life so much easier and happier. However, in the case of these straightforwardly stupid and childish, yet funny partners – this is not always true. Boyfriends who mistake pistachio nut shells for seashells as a gift for a girlfriend, lock their padlock keys together with the padlock or even make a sandwich with the plastic wrapper still on cheese.

I Am Only Attracted To Dumb Guys

But all the cute boys aren’t smart. The thing is, that little girl was right as anyone I’ve ever known. And though her mama didn’t want to admit it, she totally knew it, too. Since this past January, I’ve been dealing with three different kinds of dumb men. They were beautiful and charming as all hell.

Really, Man? 8 Dumb Things Men Do During Dating At least I will respect your honesty (and, hey, maybe I could use some time with my girls too).” – Jordan.

About US. Here are. May 23, or get in a relationship, guys? Tell their primal nature? How the dumb girl misc. Advertisement none of so far from a reliable choice, that the first topical devotional book, dating a guy or get all challenges, dumb-dumb!

How to Pick Up Dumb Girls

Recently my friend Jennifer Wright at TheGloss. She asked me about why this might be, assuming it was true at all. Then she wrote about it for The Gloss. Here’s my answer :. I think its more complex than that.

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Eventually, when you score some time with them, you get nervous and flustered — unsure how to act or even speak. Guys who are into you may stutter on their words, look a bit tense — even blush several times mid-conversation. Do you really want to date the guy who is utterly brilliant and stone-cold confident every time? If a guy is too busy talking about himself to get to know you — it can be a major turn off. Much like the guy who stutters and sweats, a guy who is nervous may start to ramble on and on about things that are…random.

A guy who is extremely nervous may just keep talking to keep the conversation going — because, you know what they say about good conversations on dates. Help him out — give him a life line. If you tell someone no and they do not accept that answer — make damn well sure they understand you. No means no, always. You do not want to be with someone nor date someone who cannot understand that concept.

There are guys who think sex is everything in a relationship — so they start out being pretty sexual from the start. But, this shows that they only value sex and not who you are as a person. We all want to date someone who is smart — but not someone who is so cocky about it that they make us feel dumb. Guys who act too controlling come off as crazy and stressful.

Dating Advice: Smart Girls vs Dumb Girls